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It’s time to start rvliving.

Hi, we’re Jenn + Phil

We look forward to sharing all of the adventures, lessons, and resources we learn as we dive into full-time RV living.

We hope this information is helpful to you and inspires you to take action towards building your dream life too!

Let’s Get Back To Nature

It’s no secret that being exposed to nature has positive effects on our physical and mental health, but many of us are finding it increasingly difficult to reap these rewards in the modern world. Humans have an intrinsic affinity for the outdoors, yet think about how much time you spend indoors on a daily basis.

When was the last time you went barefoot in the grass or sand?

Did you know taking a walk in the park has been shown to lower blood pressure, boost mood, and alleviate tension and anxiety?

There are few things more beneficial to our well-being than learning about new places, making memories to last a lifetime, and marveling at nature’s incredible diversity and beauty.

That’s why we have decided to leave our stable and stationary comforts and spend our time exploring the truly great outdoors. We want to see the towering 2,000-year-old Sequoia trees, the shimmering Torres del Paine lakes, the intricate Göreme ‘fairy chimneys’, and many more amazing sights in this beautiful world.

Our Story.

From the day we met, our mutual goal has been financial freedom: To earn enough income to be able to live how WE wanted.

Every spare minute has been spent on building, growing, and tinkering with our projects. Working to build a foundation so we could go on living without a monetary care in the world.

And while we loved spending our time in the office ~creating~ we realized we had, in fact, put ourselves right into the rat race.

That ends now.

We know we can live out our wildly amazing life all while having some money problems to tackle as we go.

And we are ready for the battle of a lifetime.

To explore, to live, to play, and to grow.

We hope you join us!

Recent Posts

We are newbies to the RV world and will be spending our time learning the ways of the road warriors! Read our blogs or watch our videos to keep up with us.

Featured Destinations

These have been our favorite places to explore so far!

Big Bend
National Park

Among the Chisos Mountains within the Chihuahuan Desert.

Rocky Mountain
National Park

Discover Emerald Lake and Estes Park.

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National Park

Give Old Faithful a visit and drive grand loop road.

Grand Canyon
National Park

Find solitude in the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.