Best 30 Amp to 50 Amp Adapters

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Best Selling 50 Amp to 30 Amp Adapters

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  • RV Essentials

    AOWEITOUR 30 amp to 50 Amp RV Locking Cord

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    The AOWEITOUR 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV Locking Adapter Cord is a heavy duty adapter that is designed for use in RVs and trailers. The adapter features a durable flame retardant, UV-resistant polyvinyl plastic construction and an UL-proved cable. The ends of the adapter are ergonomically designed for easy use, and the adapter comes with a threaded ring for regulating and waterproofing. The AOWEITOUR 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV Locking Adapter Cord is available in 12 inch lengths and is perfect for use in RVs and trailers.

  • RV Supplies

    Cablectric TT-30P Male Plug to 14-50R Female Receptacle, Green and Black

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    The Cablectric 30 Amp to 50 Amp 10/3 STW RV Electrical Adapter is a reliable and durable adapter that is perfect for use in your RV or truck. This adapter features a black finish that is sure to match any dcor. The connector is made of heavy duty materials for durability and longevity. The adapter also has a green label for easy identification.

  • RV Supplies

    CircleCord 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV Electrical Power Dogbone

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    This CircleCord RV Adapter Cord is made of heavy duty materials that resist moisture, abrasion, and sunlight making it a safe bet for as your rv power cord. It features a unique design that allows for a 180 degree bend without any kinks or breaks. The ergonomic grip handles also make it easy to use, while the unique color helps keep it from getting lost in a bin full of other cords.

  • RV Supplies

    Kohree RV Plug Adapter with Grip Handle

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    The Kohree 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV Plug Adapter 18″ is a heavy duty RV adapter that is perfect for converting the power at your campsite into something that will work in your RV. This adapter features a grip handle design that makes it easy to remove the adapter from the outlet, and a durable construction that protects it from the elements. With a wide range of applications, this adapter is perfect for any type of RV or vehicle.

  • RV Supplies

    RVGUARD 30 Amp to 50 Amp Dogbone Electrical Converter

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    During our search for the best rv plugs, we came across the RVGuard 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV Adapter Cord. It’s 12 Inches long and is a great way to extend the life of your RV’s electrical system. This adapter cord is made of 100% pure-copper construction which helps maintain its resistance to daily wear and tear. This 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV cord also comes equipped with an LED power indicator that will let you know when the cord is connected to power.

  • RV Supplies

    RVGUARD 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV Plug Adapter

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    The RVGuard RV Plug Adapter is a great way to keep your RV powered up and running smoothly. This adapter allows you to easily connect to a variety of devices, including generators and dogbones. The adapter is made from one piece of PVC that is easy to break, making it a great choice for those who want to avoid any hassle with their RV.

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Buyers Guide For 30 Amp to 50 Amp Adapters

Having the right adapters on hand means you’ll never be off the grid due to incompatible sockets. With so many different styles and types of adapters floating around out there, it can become confusing when trying to find the right one.

We live in a digital world that provides us with handy everything within one click. We have access to information, entertainment, products and services at all times. This makes it easier than ever to compare various products and choose the best one for your needs. This guide will make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

An under-rated and overlooked step in RV electrical hookups is the RV adapter. You can use the wrong adapter for your RV, which can lead to fires and other calamities. As a result, it’s important to pay careful attention when purchasing this crucial component of your RV hookup. So let’s look at some of the most important considerations when buying an RV adapter.

What To Consider When Choosing

Owners of recreational vehicles need a wide variety of accessories in order to make their RVs functional on their own. Having these essentials on hand will make you want to ride up to even the most remote camping spot. In order to find the best 30 amp to 50 amp adapter for your RV, you should use our buying guide. Before you go out and buy an RV plug, consider the following:


You need to make sure that your 30 amp to 50 amp adapter doesn’t fray. The best option is a flame-resistant, weatherproof, and high-strength sleeve. The copper wire inside must be safeguarded to prevent it from chafing or breaking.

Ergonomic Handle

Connecting and disconnecting your 30 amp to 50 amp adapter from shore power is a minor inconvenience that can arise from time to time. A handle designed with ergonomics enables you to maintain a more neutral grip, which is easier on both you and the handle, when unscrewing the plug.

Weather Resistance

The power adapter you use in your RV should be weather-resistant. With no cover, your adapter is vulnerable to the elements.

LED Indicator Lights

Power indicator lights made of LED are very helpful. To avoid wasting time and energy, you can first check if power is flowing by using this method.


Make sure you’re looking for a reliable RV adapter when you go shopping. Try to avoid the cheapest option. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you should read reviews and only purchase an adapter after making sure it has been put through its paces by a large number of RV owners.

Extra Features

Always check for a power light when purchasing an adapter. When electricity is being transmitted from the shore to your rig, an LED light will light up to let you know. Furthermore, you may find a locking 30 amp to 50 amp adapter to be useful. The adapter and connection are protected from damage by a locking mechanism.

Types of 30 Amp to 50 Amp Adapters

There are two types of RV 30 amp to 50 amp adapters on the market: dogbone and hockey puck. Let’s break down each category.

Dogbone Adapters

An RV can be plugged into a different type of outlet with the help of a dogbone adapter. Dogbone comes from the shape of a dog bone, hence the name. Campers who bring recreational vehicles use dogbone adapters to plug into the power system.

Most campers take along a dogbone adapter for their RV’s electrical system. Why? Most recreational vehicles have a 30 amp power outlet as standard equipment. Because of the three-pronged design of the RV’s plug, only 30 amp outlets can be used to power the vehicle.

There are many RV parks out there, but only some offer 30 amp service, which can cause problems if you need to plug in your RV. They’ll need to use a dog bone adapter that converts 30-amp male outlets to 50-amp female outlets to get this job done.

Hockey Puck Adapters

As with dogbone adaptors, puck adaptors serve a similar purpose. They’re a compact unit that converts between a female outlet and male prongs. However, puck adapters do not include a cable to join the two plugs like dogbone adapters do.

A puck adapter is a device used to convert a standard RV power cord into a type that can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. Puck-style adapters are less bulky than dogbones, making them more practical for everyday use.

How We Chose Our Top Picks

Traveling is where we do the bulk of our studying. In order to determine which 30 amp to 50 amp adapter is the most effective, we looked into the most widely available options on the market today and compiled a list of pros and cons for each model. Afterward, we picked our favorites after reviewing all of the ratings, remarks, and comments from our RV friends.


Is it necessary to have a dogbone RV adapter?

No, if you’re looking for the least expensive option for something you’ll use only a few times a year, at most. A dogbone adapter is superior in design if you travel a lot on your RV, which means you might not have to buy a new one anytime soon.

Should I get a weatherproof adapter?

The answer is yes. Almost all RVs will have weatherproof plugs, but you should still check. Try to find something that will shield you from the elements and the possibility of fire.

Can I safely use a 50 Amp outlet with my 30 Amp RV?

Putting a 30 Amp RV into a 50 Amp outlet is safe, provided you are at a campground that supports both types of plugs. An adapter with a male 50-ampere end and a female 30-ampere end, both rated for 120-volt systems, is all that’s required. Using the adaptor is as simple as connecting the female end of your RV’s 30 amp cord to the adaptor’s male end, and then plugging that into the 50 amp service plug at the campground.

How does a dogbone 30 Amp to 50 Amp adapter work?

Using a dog bone is similar to plugging in an extension, but there are a few extra precautions you need to take to avoid burning yourself or damaging the plug. You should check the dogbone for any cracks or breaks first. Do not use it if it has been damaged; get a new one instead. Next, do what you normally do before plugging in your RV and make sure the power is off.

Then, connect the RV plug to the female end of the dog bone adapter, and turn off the breaker for your power source. After which, connect the adapter’s male end to a wall outlet using the dog bone’s male end. It’s time to flip the breaker and restore power to the RV.

What kind of adapters should I have in my RV?

This is a question with a highly subjective answer. Keep RV adaptors that are compatible with your RV’s power cord. It is recommended that RV owners with a 30 amp system purchase all available adaptors. Put them in the tool chest you have on board. It’s preferable to have several choices rather than none at all.

Should I get a surge protector for my RV?

I think this is a great inquiry, and the answer is yes, without a doubt. Before connecting your recreational vehicle to an electrical outlet, you should use a surge protector. It will prevent damage to your recreational vehicle from lightning or power surges from faulty power sources.

My RV’s power cord is short, is an extension possible?

An extension cord can be used to increase the length of your RV’s power cord, but only if it is rated to handle the additional current. Don’t ever use a normal household electrical cord for this. Remember that you’ll be using it in the open air and that the amperage involved is high.

The typical household extension cord is not suitable for either of these problems. If a cord has to be run further and a greater current is being drawn from it, then a larger cord is required. Overheating is possible with a long, thin cord that is only rated for a small amount of power. Don’t even think about skimping on quality here!

Fortunately, it’s easy to find and affordably priced extension cords of good quality. Most importantly, they have safety features and wiring that are appropriate for the amount of current you will be using.

Final Thoughts

The electrical system in an RV is typically easy to use, but it’s still important to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals to ensure a problem-free trip. We hope that after reading this guide, you will have a better understanding of the necessity and benefits of 30 am to 50 amp adapters.