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A typical topic had among the RV community is what toilet paper is best for their rig or camper. We’re prepared to wager that practically every RV owner who has ever used a toilet and a black tank has either had this talk or researched online whether or not special RV toilet paper is required. After some digging, we are here to let you “RV toilet paper” is not the only toilet paper that you can use.

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Best Selling RV Toilet Paper

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    Camco RV Bathroom Toilet Paper

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    The Camco RV Bathroom Toilet Tissue is a high-quality, durable toilet tissue that is perfect for use in your RV or marine sanitation system. Made of a biodegradable material that is septic tank safe, this tissue is comfortable and easy to use. It is also clog resistant so it will not get stuck in the drain pipe when you flush. The Camco RV Bathroom Toilet Tissue is available in 4-roll packs so you can keep plenty on hand for any situation.

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    Kirkland Signature 2-Ply Tissue Paper

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    The Kirkland Signature 2-Ply Bath Tissue is a high-quality bath tissue that is perfect for use in the shower, tub, or any other wet place. This tissue is made of two plies of paper that are laminated together to create a thick, durable tissue. The tissue is absorbent and soft on both sides, making it ideal for use in any situation where you want a little extra cushioning or protection.

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    Thetford Aqua Soft Toilet Paper

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    The Thetford 03300 Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue is a high-quality toilet tissue that is designed to be used in a variety of settings. Made from absorbent, soft paper that is 100% biodegradable, this toilet tissue is perfect for use in an RV or marine environment. With a sheet count of 396 sheets per roll, this toilet tissue is also great for use at home or on the go.

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    Freedom Living RV Toilet Paper | Rapid Dissolve Tissue

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    The Freedom Living RV Toilet Paper is a biodegradable, septic tank safe toilet tissue that is perfect for use in your RV, truck, or any other vehicle. This tissue paper is soft and strong, and it is easy on the hands and eyes. It also dissolves quickly and easily, so you don’t have to worry about it clogging your toilet or sewer pipe. The Freedom Living RV Toilet Paper is available in eight rolls for a total of 4000 sheets. Each roll contains 500 sheets.

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Buyers Guide For RV Toilet Paper

Having the right RV toilet paper can make all the difference when camping. The last thing you want is to be stuck out in the wild with no way to freshen up. Luckily, there are several different types of RV toilet paper available for purchase. Some are better than others, so it’s important to know which ones are worth your money. To help you with your research, we’ve compiled a buyers guide that covers everything from details about each type of toilet paper and pros and cons of each option so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

What To Consider When Choosing


To prevent clogging of tanks and hose pipes, RV toilet paper is designed to disintegrate quickly upon contact with water. To further safeguard your sewage system and be more environmentally friendly, most RV toilet paper features greater biodegradability to ensure it dissolves fast and in its entirety.


RV toilet paper may be meant for use away from home, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel any less soft than the type you use regularly. This kind of toilet paper typically lacks chemicals like chlorine and bleach so it can be used by people with sensitive skin, but make sure it has a soft surface allowing it to perform well without irritating the skin.


Nobody likes using toilet paper which disintegrates at the first sign of wetness, therefore this is a vital aspect to consider. RV toilet paper needs to be just as strong as the kind you use at your house, while also keeping your pipes free from clogging.


When it comes to keeping your RV toilet in good shape, the ply count is just as important as dissolvability. However, a compromise is possible. Using four or five layers of tissue may be wasteful, but if you’re careful, you can get the same amount of use out of two layers of RV toilet paper as you would from a single sheet.


Toilet paper is made from trees. Further increases in toilet paper production would lead to further deforestation. Find products that utilize trees that were harvested in a sustainable manner to help Mother Nature. Several high-quality brands of toilet paper are made from recycled paper fibers.


It’s crucial that you get RV toilet paper that decomposes into nothing at the end of its useful life. After all, we should all take care to protect our planet, and this feature will help us do just that. Making sure the RV toilet tissue dissolves quickly is one approach to increase its biodegradability. In such a case, the toilet paper will break down more quickly, which is great for the health of your RV’s pipes. You can avoid a clogged black tank by using toilet paper with a high biodegradability, which means you will not be concerned about it piling up in the toilet. A lot of the hassles of RVing will disappear.

Chemical Free

In an effort to cut production costs, certain companies that make RV toilet paper would include harmful chemicals in their product. However, due to their inert nature, these compounds offer a number of problems for storage tanks and septic systems. Common examples of such chemicals are various types of dyes, chlorine-based cleaning products, and scented fragrances. These chemicals are added to the RV toilet paper for the purpose of increasing its aesthetic appeal. Your RV is not worth ruining for purely aesthetic or sensory benefits. Just choose white toilet tissue with a good degree of softness instead of a toilet paper that contains these chemicals because they might cause your body troubles like rashes and perhaps other skin conditions.


It’s possible that, as with any product, the higher you’re willing to spend on toilet paper, the better quality it will be. You may have to shell out more cash in order to get one that satisfies all your needs in terms of durability and convenience.

Types of RV Toilet Paper


Even though it costs more than regular RV toilet paper, biodegradable toilet paper is the most popular choice among RV owners. You see, this not only prevents harm to your RV’s plumbing system, but it also safeguards the health of the surrounding ecosystem. And we are aware that the word “eco-friendly” is not without its skeptics. It’s a common misconception, for instance, that biodegradable toilet paper isn’t as soft as regular toilet paper. Although this misconception is widely held, we think that some biodegradable materials really provide more comfort than the industry standard. It’s less dense, too, so it won’t cause as much of a blockage. Furthermore, biodegradable toilet paper decomposes a lot faster than regular toilet paper. You may rest assured that using this toilet paper won’t have any unintended consequences. However, the cost of this type of toilet paper is more, which can add up, especially when purchasing in large quantities.


Basic RV toilet paper is the more affordable choice. Although this product degrades more slowly than others, it won’t cause any damage to your RV’s plumbing. What this means, though, is that there is a chance that it will leak into your water supply, which is obviously not ideal. You should also know that certain brands of this toilet paper include odor-masking chemicals, such as a pleasant aroma, to keep the bathroom feeling fresh. People with particularly delicate skin may experience minor irritation from this component. Overall, regular RV toilet tissue is a viable option for use within your RV, but the above drawbacks should be kept in mind. If you don’t, you risk becoming dissatisfied with your purchase. We’d all prefer to avoid that scenario, actually.

1 Ply

One-ply toilet paper is a common choice for recreational vehicles because it decomposes quickly. For the same reason, we also favor this style when using our RV. More importantly, their lower price makes them a more practical choice for everyday use. At first, there was just one sheet of toilet paper, but as time went on, more and more sheets were added. Given that it just has one layer, one-ply toilet paper could seem flimsy. Well, not anymore thanks to innovations that have made a single layer of tissue as robust and durable as numerous layers.

2 Ply

A two-ply roll of toilet paper has two layers, making it more sturdy than a single sheet. With the development of new, technically superior one-ply options, however, we can no longer make that complete generalization though. This variety of tissue paper is often softer and more absorbent than its one-ply counterpart. One-ply is less expensive than two-ply, but two-ply tends to deliver more comfort and durability. In addition, especially with an older vehicle, there is a greater possibility of the holding tanks becoming clogged.

3 Ply

Compared to two-ply and one-ply toilet paper, three-ply is likely to be more substantial and comfortable to use because of its extra layers. This toilet paper has so many layers making it extremely strong and durable. It’s true that three-ply toilet paper is more durable and long-lasting than two- or one-ply, but it also costs more. It’s also more likely that the drains will get clogged up because they’re so thick. Be sure the RV is designated as septic safe if you intend to utilize this sort of tissue.

4 Ply

Most manufacturers in the recreational vehicle and camping goods market only offer four-ply toilet paper. Paper with four plies has four separate sheets of paper glued together. Four-ply toilet paper is typically regarded as the industry standard for quality. The nicest part about this tissue paper is that this is made to last. When you use this toilet paper, they won’t shred or tear. However, because of its thickness, they may dissolve slowly.


Luxury toilet paper, as the name suggests, shows exceptional performance overall. Perfumed, quilted, and ultra-soft toilet paper are just a few examples of the posh features available in high-end toilet tissue. Because it may be made with anywhere from two to four plies, it is also one of the strongest. The term “luxury” describes this style for a good reason. This sort of tissue is typically very supple and smooth. Despite being labeled as “septic safe,” the added layers may increase the likelihood of clogging the toilet. Expect to pay more since, well, it is labeled luxury.


Manufacturers of toilet paper responded to rising public interest in protecting the environment by introducing recycled products. Using recycled paper for the bathroom can help you save money on utilities. Additionally, they are certified to be chlorine-free and generate significantly less air pollution. In contrast to soft white tissues, the paper used for writing is typically more coarse. They have a slightly sandy feel because they are made from unbleached paper. This is because they often have fewer layers, leaving them thin and easily dissolved.

How We Chose Our Top Picks

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Can you use regular toilet paper in your RV?

Some people in the RV community may tell you that standard toilet paper is fine to use in the RV, but if you wind up clogging the pipes or tank while you’re out on the road, it won’t be worth it. To prevent this from happening, RV toilet paper is designed to break down considerably more quickly than ordinary toilet paper.

Does quick-dissolving toilet paper actually work?

In a recreational vehicle, it’s ideal to have toilet paper that dissolves quickly. It manages to be both sturdy and accommodating, while yet disintegrating rapidly after being flushed.

Can I use bamboo toilet paper for my RV?

Since it decomposes completely in water, toilet paper made from bamboo is a sustainable and tank-safe choice.

Is all toilet paper labeled for RV’s biodegradable?

Several brands of RV toilet paper are not, therefore it’s crucial to read the product description before making a purchase. In addition to being kinder to campground dump sites, biodegradable toilet paper dissolves more quickly in your RV’s loo. This review only includes biodegradable items.

Is it OK to use RV toilet paper with chlorine-based cleansers or treatments?

In a strict sense, yes. If you need to clean your RV toilet, you can use any standard household cleaner. Many RV toilet companies warn against having excess chlorine-based cleanser in the holding tank since it can kill off “good” bacteria inside the black water tank. To clean your RV’s holding tanks and keep them smelling fresh, we advise using a cleaner with citrus.

How fast will RV toilet paper dissolve?

Toilet paper in a recreational vehicle should begin disintegrating the instant it comes into contact with water, independent of ply. Naturally, thinner paper like one-ply should disintegrate more quickly than thicker paper. However, if you use enough water, your RV’s holding tank should be completely empty of toilet paper within a few minutes.

Where can you purchase RV toilet paper?

The convenience of RV tissue paper is that it can be purchased from a wide variety of sources, both online and offline. However, if you’re looking to make a purchase, we suggest looking at the location where all of our links lead: Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have all the information you need, you can make an informed decision about which RV toilet paper is right for you. Sure, there are a lot of choices to make, and that can make things complex. But hopefully, the advice in this article will help you narrow things down a bit. Once you have located the RV toilet paper that best suits your needs, you can return your attention to more pressing matters, such as planning your next journey. Maybe one of the items we reviewed is exactly what you need. Indeed, the rolls of RV toilet paper we recommend are the finest available. If you discover one that isn’t on the list but works better for you, though, that’s fine too.