Our Story to Full Time RV Living

It all started during the pandemic (as most nomadic stories begin nowadays)….

Phillip and I both had the standard pre pandemic, post-graduate jobs where we were required to go into the office everyday.

We were living in Houston Texas, where they expected us to stay if we wanted to keep those jobs too.

And then COVID….

Our lives changed drastically, like so many others.

When Our RV Idea Came To Life

In May 2020, Phillip and I both changed jobs and started working for the same fully-remote digital marketing startup company.

We liked the new lifestyle of working from home and when our former companies were telling us to come back into the office, we made the choice to transition to a company that wouldn’t require that.

What we weren’t expecting from that career transition was the massive anxiety to follow.

It wasn’t until a few weeks into our new roles that it really hit us…


Are you wondering why we got anxiety about this amazing new freedom?

Well when you can go literally anywhere for the first time in your adult life, it is possible to start to panic because there is SO much opportunity and SO much opportunity cost.

Talk about overwhelming!!!

We didn’t know where would make us happiest, where would bring us the most joy.

We are way too young and inexperienced to have the answers to those questions.

So we were paralyzed for a couple of weeks….

Then the idea hit me!

“Phil, let’s move into an RV full-time!!!”

Anyone want to know what his immediate, no-time-to-think response was?


And then we decided to move two hours west to an apartment in Austin, Texas.

Phillip didn’t know this at the time, but I told myself that I was going to keep pursuing the idea of living in an RV through patience and persistence until he came around.

Fast forward 2 years, and it worked!

Our First Failed Attempt At Becoming Full-Time Digital Nomads

After living in Austin for over a year, Phil had finally changed his mind about living in an RV.

We were exploring all of the Texas trails and parks on the weekends and he started to enjoy the idea of traveling all over the country to see more.

So much so that in November 2021, we sold all of our “stuff”, moved into his parents house in Florida and made plans to buy an RV as soon as possible.

Then we chickened out.

We didn’t say to ourselves “let’s chicken out”…

We said, “Well we can’t find an RV good enough to fit an office for sales calls, so we can’t get an RV.'”

But let’s be honest.

We were just scared and unprepared.

Which now looking back, I think this worked out in our favor.

By moving back to Florida for a short time, we were able to host a shotgun wedding with our immediate family before we moved back to Austin, TX.

When We Finally Committed To Buying An RV

Once back in Texas and back on the trails though, the thoughts of roaming the country quickly resurfaced.

Within 2 months in our new home rental, I suggested to Phillip we should just look at RVs every once in a while to keep our eyes open for the perfect RV.

Little did we both knew, we would find it sooner than we both expected.

On that first visit to an RV Dealer, we discovered that Airstream released their newest digital nomad focused model, the Flying Cloud Office 30″ in 2021.

It had a dedicated office space.
It came with an office chair.

It was beautiful.

It could travel the country with us!

It was built to be traveled by digital nomads.
It was built for us!!!

It did not take much convincing to make the commitment to our new life after the Airstream salesman informed us Airstream had a 8-9 month backlog for new airstreams.

We obviously couldn’t find this new model used either, so within two more visits, we had ourselves a signed deal and our own Airstream in the making!

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