A Complete List of the Best RV Clubs

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When Phil and I were just getting are feet wet with RV life, we didn’t know where to start to meet likeminded people and fellow outdoor enthusiasts, and where to find the best discounts for all of our RV adventures.

So I started with a simple google search: RV Forums.

I thought finding a dedicated RV forum would help us communicate other RVers fast, and get us the answers we were looking for.

Luckily I found, Airforums.com. And this Airstream community did not disappoint. They answered all of our questions about the best RV Clubs and Memberships and shared deals I’m sure would’ve taken us years to discover!

Most first-time RV buyers are just as clueless as we were about all the incredible possibilities available in joining these clubs. It’s likely true that they know they can go camping in comfort now and they undoubtedly recognize the cost of transportation will be reduced, but what they don’t realize yet is the fantastic network of support that RVers have created for one another.

So how do you find these amazing friends and discounts? Thats what we intend to answer for you today in this article.

There is a club for everyone in the RV world, whether you want to make friends with others who share your hobbies or way of life, experience exciting RV activities, or save money on RVing expenses. You are sure to find the perfect spot for you.

Discover The Best RV Clubs and Memberships

If you’re new to RVing, you might feel overwhelmed by all there is to know about handling your new RV. As such, it can be helpful to have the backing of a knowledgeable local community.

Learning the ins and outs of RVing while also trying to learn about the various RV groups out there can be a lot to take in.

So what are your options, what types of RV specific clubs are out there?

Depending on your unique interests and desires, you can find a RV club for you in one of these categories:

  • General Interest
  • Campground Membership
  • Discount Camping
  • Special Interest
  • Brand-Specific
  • Miscellaneous/Other

Now, let’s dive more into each of these types of clubs and find the best ones to join.

Best General Interest RV Clubs

General Interest RV clubs don’t cater to a specific interest or group of RVers, but rather try to accommodate everyone in this tiny-living, nomadic community.

It’s probable that a general interest RV group will be one of the first clubs for you to join and there are several benefits to doing so. This includes access to special RV events, information, and RV promotions.

You won’t quickly outgrow these clubs either, most people stay with their general interest clubs for years and years.

Here is a list of some of the best general interest clubs you can join.


Membership Price: $49.95 per year

The Escapees RV Club is among the oldest RV clubs in existence; it was founded in the 1970s by Joe and Kay Peterson.

When joining Escapees RV Club, you gain access to a wide variety of services, including a mail forwarding service, job exchange, private campgrounds, medical care options, 24/7 roadside support, and education on how to maintain your RV. But along with all of these great benefits, community is most important to them.

In recognition of the growing population of young workers and young families joining the RV community, they created The Xscapers Network in 2015. This group is apart of your membership with Escapees and is focused on connecting, helping and educating, young RVers.

With so many activities and gatherings planned throughout the year, membership in Escapees is most beneficial for RVers who are either retired or living on the road full time. They regularly host rallies and gatherings, which serve as excellent opportunities for business networking.

Several other clubs have teamed up with Escapees to provide joint member discounts too.

You should check to see if any of your current RV memberships provide a discount for joining Escapees before you commit. If you’ve already joined, you can check with Escapees to see if you may save money on additional subscriptions.

Discounts of 15% to 50% are offered to Escapees members at more than 800 commercial RV parks across the country and there are 18 different Escapees owned RV parks to choose from, and members can stay for as little as a night to as long as they like.

To sweeten the deal, if you join Escapees you’ll also receive exclusive deals and discounts from other major RV clubs. You should join Escapees first, and then consider joining Boondockers Welcome, Harvest Hosts, or Passport America for additional benefits.

Family Motor Coach Association

Membership Price: $75.00 per year

Families all over the world that have RVs have come together in Family Motor Coach Association. More than 500,000 families have joined FMCA since 1963 because they trust the organization as a reliable resource for information about RVs, camping, and road trips.

The Family Motor Coach Association is a group for RVers that provides its members with free or discounted camping spots, mobile Wi-Fi plans, educational resources, and the chance to network with like-minded RVers.

Members are particularly fond of the Michelin Advantage Program since it provides substantial savings on Michelin RV tires. Class A diesel motorhome owners, in particular, can save a lot of money by participating in the program.

About 400 chapters in the US and Canada are officially recognized by FMCA. A lot of them cover either narrow or broad areas, or special interests. You can find a chapters of FMCA members who own a specific RV make or model that come together or other groups that share a passion for something in particular, like a certain music genre, sport, or type of rv.

There was a time when only people with drivable RVs were allowed to join FMCA. In any case, the club recently voted to open membership up to anybody who owns RVs or travel trailers.


If you are simply in search of meaningful relationships in the RV world, than RVillage might be for you. The only value of RVillage is that it’s free to us, as there are no membership discounts or other incentives available.

Many RVers use this group as a substitute for Facebook to keep in touch with pals they’ve made on the road and arrange get-togethers with like-minded individuals.

What’s especially great about this free social platform is the access to useful information and first-hand accounts on a wide range of RV-related topics are not at your fingertips.

If you’re looking for a location to jump right into the action, there is an area in the site for that. You can meet people who share your interests if you participate in a variety of the groups they offer. And you are free to abandon a group at any time if you find that you do not belong there.

We decided to join immediately when we heard about it, and are so happy we did!

North American Family Campers Association

Membership Price: $30.00 per year

The North American Family Campers Association Inc. was founded in 1957 as a nonprofit organization to serve as a voice for camping enthusiasts all throughout North America and Canada.

The group was formerly known as the New England Camping Association, but it changed its name when it’s membership expanded beyond the region. For those interested, NAFCA is the group’s abbreviation.

Everett Mitchell is the current president of the company and the major goal of the group is to unite people who share an interest in camping and provide resources to aid them in their shared pursuits.

A large number of events are held by the organization with the goal of uniting the most important camp organizers and providing them with the most up-to-date information to assist them run more effective camps.

So ff all you want is to meet other RVers, the North American Family Campers Association is a fantastic choice. This organization concentrates on organizing gatherings just for this purpose.

Each member is kept up-to-date via a monthly newsletter. The membership fees of this organization are ridiculously low, making it ideal for thrifty campers.

Family Campers and RVers

Membership Price: $35.00 per year

The Family Campers and RVers Association welcomes campers of all ages and backgrounds. The club is open to all RV campers and provides its members with exclusive discounts on a wide range of RV-related goods and services.

Their goal is to promote and increase the experience and enjoyment of camping and RVing and to share with all campers the fun, camaraderie, fellowship, and family feelings of camping together.

Every year, FCRV hosts hundreds of events on a local, state, regional, and national scale. You may have heard of some of these annual events: Campvention and Retiree Rally.

Best Campground Membership RV Clubs

Campground membership groups are for campers who are open to staying at one company’s campgrounds as they travel through a designated area in order to receive steep discounts. Consider is the loyalty program for RV parks. You always choose their campgrounds and you always get a good deal.

These clubs are not about building your community, but really to help you travel more for less.

We’ll be the first to acknowledge that the initial investment for a camping membership is substantial and may not be justified for part-time RVers or those who only travel during the summer months, but it can be a great deal for full-time RVers.

In exchange for the hefty initial investment and the far more reasonable annual dues, members gain access to extremely cheap camping. Some RV memberships also include free camping for members, making this a no-brainer for travelers who live in their rigs year-round.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best campground memberships.

Thousand Trails

Membership Price: $670.00 per year (look out for discounts offered throughout the year)

Thousand Trails is ideal for anyone who lives in their RV full time and aren’t too concerned on location and amenities, but more on the travel opportunities.

When you search the Thousand Trails reviews, you can clearly see people either love it or hate it. From what we know, some of their rv parks are well kept and others- not so much.

If saving money is more important than staying at rv resort type properties, then this could be a worthwhile membership for you.

The $670 price tag will get you access to one region of the U.S., of your choosing. If you want to explore another region, you can add it on for only $90 more. This fee will save you from paying any and all nightly fees at their properties.

Their regions are Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast.

However, there is a catch. You do have a maximum number of days you can stay at a designated campground.

You can only stay at a Thousand Tails campground for 14 consecutive days, then you must stay outside of their system for 7 days before staying at another location.

If you would like to get around this, you can stay at their locations for less than 4 nights each and then switch to another Thousand Trails location without waiting the 7 days.

If you are looking for more camping options, they even offer another add on option for over 100 more campgrounds with The Trails Collection. You can add these parks for $370.

Keep in mind The Trails Collection parks are also open to the public, so some may not be 100% free, but instead offer good discounts.

Coast to Coast

Membership Price: $90.00 per year + your home resort costs

For an annual fee and a discounted nightly fee, members of Coast to Coast can stay in luxurious RV parks all around the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

To join this discount camping club, you must first become a member of one of the participating resorts; this will be your “home resort” during your membership. For instance, you could join Travel Resorts of America (we’ll be talking about them next) and then join Coast to Coast.

Coast to Coast is much like a time share, and joining a resort as a member is not open to the public and can be quite costly. After signing up though, you’ll have access to the program at more than 200 sites.

Once you’re officially a member, you can save money on camping across their network and get access to other perks too.

Coast to Coast has been a pioneer in providing outdoor enthusiasts with memberships to some of the country’s best RV resorts since 1972. Their main goal is to help consumers who invest in resort memberships visit more frequently at a lower cost.

Coast to Coast is a division of the Good Sam Company and there resorts are known for their impeccable grounds, 24-hour security, high-quality facilities, and exceptional customer service.

If your priority is comfort and amenities, and money is not an issue, this could be a good choice for you.

Travel Resorts of America (TRA)

Membership Price: Negotiable

TRA is a private RV camping membership program that gets you access to 11 RV resorts across the East and Midwest U.S.. They have over 22,000 members and offer a wide variety of activities and events each weekend throughout the busiest seasons.

They offer fun movie night and live music events and have fun activities like horseback riding, fishing, mini-golf, corn hole, horseshoes, swimming, hiking, paintball, and more. They also provide dog parks for our furry friends.

The great thing about Travel Resorts America, is once you pay your annual membership fee, you get access to their resorts for their entire year. Although, they do have the same restriction as Thousand Trails. After 14 consecutive nights, you must leave the park for a week.

Travel Resorts offers more benefits with other travel companies as well. You can get access to condos, flight discounts, and the coast to coast membership by joining.

We recommend doing your research before committing to this company though. They are ran similar to a timeshare and have been said to have poor customer service.

Resort Parks International (RPI)

Membership Price: Varies

An RV membership like Resort Parks International might help you save money on a stay at any of the resorts that are part of the network. After settling on a primary home resort, you can buy a separate membership at a reduced rate at hundreds of other resorts that participate in the reciprocal program. The club features vacation spots in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

A membership at the home or host resort is required for membership here first, but anyone who wishes to join is welcome to do so.

RPI Plus, RPI Preferred, and RPI Preferred Gold are the three tiers of membership. There are advantages to each that complement and enhance one another. So, there are different prices for various tiers of membership.

Nightly discounts at the RV resorts are included in each membership. $10 dollars per night is required for members to camp at any RPI resorts, and you may only camp up to a max of 7 days. Members can make bookings up to 60 days in advance, but they can only stay at the same resort once every seven days.

With a membership, you can make two reservations per year at any of the resorts.

Discounts are offered at nearly 200 other resorts in addition to RPI’s more than 150 properties. With Washington, Arizona, and California having the most resorts available.

The vast majority of RPI campgrounds are located in the extreme northeastern and southwestern parts of the country. Middle of the nation RPI campgrounds are available, but they are fewer in number.

Best Discount Camping RV Clubs

RV discount clubs are some of the most utilized memberships that can really help make camping not expensive. With increasing sales of RVs each year mean there are more individuals than ever are hitting the open road and increasing the demand for rv park stays.

Because of this, membership in a discount camping club becomes increasingly attractive as a solution to alleviate the rising costs and increasing congestion of RV camping.

The principal advantage of camping membership clubs is the opportunity to camp at a park for a reduced nightly rate. Both have advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to figure out which ones will come in handy the most during your RV travels.

With that said, let’s take a peak at some of the most used discount camping clubs.

Good Sam Club

Membership Price: $29.00 per year (or $50 for two-years and $75 for a three-year membership)

When it comes to clubs for RVers, Good Sam Club is by far the most well-known and popular option, and it has a lot more to offer than just campground discounts. And you’ll hear it when you ask around considering they have over 1.8 million of satisfied members.

While Good Sam has over 2,100 approved campgrounds in their network, the meek 10% discount isn’t that enticing. But, that is not the only thing that gets the community of rvers to join.

RV-related goods are also eligible for discounts through the Good Sam Club. They offer discounts for various purchases at Camping World like propane, dumping, products and more. One of our favorite perks is the discounted gas and diesel purchases made at Pilot / Flying J locations.

So, if you take advantage of the membership’s benefits and travel regularly in your RV, it could quickly pay for itself.

The wide range of member benefits offered by Good Sam is what truly sets them apart from the competition. Good Sam has a non compete deal with Pilot Flying J for discounts on gas and diesel, so you won’t find it anywhere else.

They provide emergency towing and roadside assistance for all vehicles, up to 10% off at select retail stores, 15% off propane, access to an online trip planner, discounts on MotorHome & Trailer Life magazine subscriptions, a virtual mailbox service, and countless other coupons for restaurants, shops, and vacations.

It’s no wonder this membership is a key ingredient in the rv lifestyle of many.

Passport America

Membership Price: $44.00 per year

It’s hard act to follow Good Sam when it comes to talking rv discounts, nonetheless, if there’s a club that can handle it, it’s Passport America. Because Passport America is solely focused on delivering deep savings at campgrounds and RV parks, while Good Sam “lacks” in that department.

The biggest benefit in joining Passport America is that you can save up to 50% on many of the 1,800 campsites it features. Many campgrounds do not provide discounts on weekends or holidays, and those that do sometimes have limits.

Members can easily plan their trips around the restricted nights at the campgrounds thanks to the downloadable lists of camps and restrictions they provide.

At this price ($44 for an annual subscription), it’s possible to argue that this plan is the most cost-effective option available. Just one or two visits may more than cover the cost of your membership.

Both the website and the mobile app make it simple to view the full range of available campgrounds, including those in Canada and Mexico, as well as their current rates, the amount of the discount you’ll receive, and a detailed overview of the facilities at each.

Obviously, every campsite and RV park is free to set its own policies, so double-check that your discount will be honored before you set off, especially during peak season or holidays.

Just a word of caution, though: Passport America campgrounds aren’t always the most attractive options, according to some RVers. Considering the 50% discount they’re offering to club members, though, that does seem to make sense.

The 50% off offer is typically only valid throughout the week at most campgrounds too. Therefore, weekday RVers who don’t typically take advantage of weekly or monthly rates would benefit most from joining this group.

We believe Passport America is the best discount group you can join, but don’t just take our word for it! Ask around, check out their website, and see just how many discounted campgrounds you can stay at during your travels.

Boondockers Welcome

Membership Price: $79.00 per year

If you enjoy a little dry camping, Boondockers Welcome is the place for you. It allows visitors to remain for free in the driveways and backyards of people all throughout the United States.

If you’re not familiar with the phrase, boondocking simply refers to camping in a recreational vehicle (RV) without the use of any utilities (such as water or electricity). If you want to be totally self-sufficient whenever you go on an RV trip, then this might be the group for you.

Members of Boondockers Welcome are connected with private landowners who are willing to host RVers for free overnight stays on their property. As the club’s website puts it, “locals encourage guests to spend the night, share their experiences, and save their money for the actual adventure.” RVers who prefer not to park overnight at campgrounds with utility hookups will find this to be one of the best camping memberships.

RVers on the move can park for free on private property thanks to the generosity of hosts- who also benefit from “free visitor privileges” and a reduced membership fee.

Boondockers Welcome requires that guests remain no more than 5 nights within a 90 day period as a courtesy to hosts and for insurance purposes. However, hosts can make their own nightly restrictions from 1 day to the 5 day max.

This is another club where your membership fee of $79 per year is more than covered by the cost savings you’ll see after only a few nights of use. Furthermore, you’ll be a part of a network of people who all share an interest in RVing, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to chat with others who are in the same “boat” as you.

Just keep in mind, every one is entitled to their own rules and they will list them online. Depending on the host, you might be unable to use any hookups, have a maximum length for your rig, or even be prohibited from bringing pets. Before reaching out, its best to make sure you’ve read the host’s rules.

Harvest Hosts

Membership Price: $99.00 per year

When it comes to RV memberships, Harvest Hosts is where it’s at. It’s similar to Boondockers Welcome in that Harvest Hosts members can dry camp for free on members’ private property.

However, with Harvest Hosts, they provide offbeat overnight parking options at establishments like vineyards, farms, breweries, golf courses and other idyllic destinations.

Whats the catch for such luxuries you ask?

Well, in return, it is customary to support the businesses you visit by making a purchase. Which is just another reward for staying there, in our opinion…

You can choose among more than 3,300 hosts in the U.S. and some even in Canada.

Membership is $99 per year, which is higher than some of the other alternatives here, but you’ll earn your money’s worth after just three or four nights. And you’ll be able to camp for free at some truly breathtaking locations that are off-limits to the general public.

We should also add, if you’re a golfer, Harvest Hosts offers an upgrade for $20 that grants you entry to more than 300 additional golf courses and country clubs throughout the year.

Just note, there are some restrictions yo have to follow. You are only allowed to stay a maximum of 24 hours at each location. So this is more of a great alternative over staying in another Walmart parking lot.

Your rig, needs to be completely self-sufficient. There absolutely must be a bathroom for you to use. You definitely cannot dump your grey tank on their land and you can’t cook outside your rig.

A few small rules to follow for staying in gorgeous places for free.

RoverPass Unlimited

Membership Price: $50.00 per year / $30.00 per month

RoverPass Unlimited is ideal for both occasional campers and full-time nomads. With the pass, you can reserve a spot easily at any of the 6,000+ campgrounds on their platform.

They provide “travel agents” to assist with reservations and any membership questions.

As a last resort and for a small monthly fee, you can use their app to locate free overnight parking lot “camping” spots. It’s ingenious and surprisingly easy, and encompasses 30,000+ locations in its network.

They regularly update their directory (on their website and mobile app) and each listing includes actual user reviews. This is a highly useful tool for RVers on a tight budget who don’t want to pay for a campground every time they go and who also want to avoid getting pricey parking tickets.

RoverPass also offers many other perks too, like rv trip planning and finding rv repair shops.

Best Special Interest RV Clubs

The purpose of specialist RV groups is to unite people who have a passion for the same activities and interests. Joining a club for your unique interest is an excellent strategy for expanding your social circle within the RV community. Let’s take a look at some of the most successful or popular clubs in this category.

Fulltime Families

Membership Price: $79.00 per year

Full-time RVing families with kids are the focus of this community.

Back in 2010, when Kimberly (the founder) noticed an increase in the number of families taking RV trips, she had the concept for what would become Fulltime Families.

A small group of families established the organization, but now thousands of families call it home. When a family decides to take the plunge into RVing, Fulltime Families wants to be there to help them learn everything they can.

They help families that are traveling together to have meaningful experiences together on the road. You’ll get access to “members only” Facebook groups, member activities, kids’ clubs, and access to more niche subgroups within the camping club.

Loners on Wheels

Membership Price: $52.00 per year

If you are single, love adventuring, and meeting others, then this is the perfect club for you.

The members of Loners on Wheels are all single and share a love of camping, RVing, traveling, and good conversation.

While there is no age requirement to join the group, it is mostly filled with seniors and retirees. There are chapters all over the U.S..

Handicapped Travel Club

Membership Price: $15.00 per year

There is no discrimination when it comes to experiencing the joys of RV life and traveling. Although, traveling with a disability can be difficult, it can be made easier with the right support system.

For this reason, in 1973, a group of individuals with disabilities banded together to create The Handicapped Travel Club, Inc.

The HTC promotes travel, meet ups, and information sharing, all while making RVs more accessible for individuals with disabilities.

While the HTC used to only allow disabled members, they have since opened up their group to any person. This is because many people supported and enjoyed the mission and even though they didn’t personally have a disability, they wanted to be apart of this amazing group.

National African American RVers Association

Membership Price: $50.00 per year for membership dues, $10.00 per year for regional dues

National African American RVers Association (NAARVA) promotes sustainability, community, and having fun on the road.

While they started 30 years ago as a way to “network and fellowship with other minority campers” the NAARVA group is now one of the fastest-growing RV Clubs in the country.

There are currently more than 1,400 members in NAARVA spread out amongst four regional chapters. The NAARVA also includes more than fifty Affiliated Chapters.

Not only do they offer community, but they provide a weekly newsletter, educational resources, and events.

RVing Women

Membership Price: $62.00 per year

The motto of RVing Women is “for women RVers, by women RVers.” It’s a group of women that do their own thing and hit the road in campers and RVs.

Though some of these ladies are retired and able to travel constantly, others may be working or raising families while still wanting to join in on the action with their fellow ladies.

These women spend a lot of time together around campfires, listening to one other’s tales and encouraging each other while also enjoying some fun activities.

The only criterions to join RVing Ladies is that the women must be atleast18 years old and love to RV. However, having access to an RV or camping trailer is not necessary for participation.

It is not necessary to be a member of a local RVing Women organization to participate in regional rallies. But, to attend events, you must join a national level group.

If you join and maintain an active membership, you’ll get their magazine too.

Rainbow RV Club

Membership Price: $39.95 per year

The Rainbow RV Club is the largest LGBT RV and tent camping membership organization in the US and Canada.

Since its founding in 1997, Rainbow rv has amassed a membership of over 7,000 and hosted over 1,000 camping trips.

They welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer (GLBTQ) couples and individuals who own or have access to recreational vehicles.

Mobile Internet Aficionados

Membership Price: $97.00 per year

Whether it’s for business, watching your favorite show, or keeping in touch with loved ones, having internet access is a need for practically every RVer int he 21st century.

Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy saw the need to provide mobile connectivity information to their fellow RVs, which is why the two created a club called Mobile Internet Aficionados. Their goal is to help people with common problems and keep them up to date on all the technical advances happening. They are the rv internet pros.

You can find more information on their website Mobile Internet Resource Center, where they offer tier resource packages, but the MIA package will get you:

  • Access to exclusive content: guides, reviews, and their newsletter
  • Interactive Guidance: in their forums, private FB group, and webinars.
  • Tips & Testing Data: new products, possible discontinuations, alerts and more.
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Enrollment in their Mobile Internet Course

Campers for Christ Ministries

Membership Price: $25.00 per year for 1 adult, $40.00 per year for 2 adults, kids are free

Campers For Christ Ministries is not affiliated with any specific Christian denomination. This group includes Christians from a wide variety of denominations. Everyone who has faith in Jesus Christ is welcome to take part.

Campers for Christ Ministries facilitate regional and national gatherings for the sake of fellowship. The goal is to inspire campers to share their faith in Jesus Christ with their neighbors, both Christian and non-Christian.

Chaplain services are available to campers upon request, especially those who do not identify with any particular religious group.

They aim to make all members feel welcome to share their talents in worship through singing, playing instruments, giving testimonies, preaching, and teaching.

They have 8 chapters spanning through both Canada and the U.S..

As a member, you’ll join a community of believers in Jesus Christ who share a passion for camping. Your membership will also provide a list of all the current members, a quarterly newsletter, a jacket patch, insulated cups, decals, evangelistic materials, and more.

The dues you pay also go toward helping sanctioned ministries.

Special Military Active Retired Travel Club

Membership Price: Free for Active Duty,$65.00 per year for veterans, $30.00 per year for family

Through the Special Military Active Retired Travel Club (SMART), our nation’s veterans and their loved ones are able to spend quality time together while also enjoying outdoor activities, and visiting new places.

Veterans of the United States and Canadian Armed Forces, both active and retired, who are interested in leisure travel and maintaining the bonds formed during their service are encouraged to join. All are welcome from the Reserve, National Guard, Air National Guard, Coast Guard, US Public Health Service, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

This group also has many chapters dedicated to specific interests, like full-time rving or golfing. They host activities from simple pleasures like playing games, socializing, sharing meals, and monthly luncheons; to involvement in community events, and volunteering.

Gold Wing Road Riders Association

Membership Price: $65.00 per year for families, $55.00 per year for individuals

The Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA), which is comprised of Honda Gold Wing/Valkyrie motorcycle owners and riders, focus on living out our motto, Friends for Fun, Safety, and Knowledge.

This group enjoys the freedom that comes with joining to a non-profit, non-religious, and non-political organization.

In the 35 years since its inception in 1977, GWRRA has amassed a global membership of more than 72,000 people from the United States, Canada, and 53 other countries.

There are currently over 800 active Chapters administered by 4,000 volunteer leaders who are committed to promoting safe, fun riding and enhancing the motorcycle community’s public image.

As a member, you will be welcomed into the largest family of recreational motorcycle owners, where you can share stories, laugh, and cry with others who understand what you’re going through. You can attend their webinars and live safety trainings. Membership also includes both roadside help and emergency towing.

Receive discounts at participating motorcycle shops, motels, campgrounds, and travel agencies and you can always rely on their Gold Book Directory to put you in touch with the nearest friends wherever you may be in the world.

The RV Radio Network

Membership Price: $14.00 per year

The RV Radio Network is a nationwide group of ham radio enthusiasts who also like traveling in their RVs. This network of Amateur Radio enthusiasts stay in touch with each other across the country through two different nets: HF Net Sun-Fri 7pm CT 7264 kHz.

Anyone with a valid Amateur Radio license is welcome to join and while they encourage individuals with an interest in RVing to do so, it is not a requirement to own an rv.

They hold an RV Rally twice yearly at different places around the United States. At their gatherings, there is a flea market to explore and talks about amateur radio and mobile/portable comms.

Tin Can Tourists

Membership Price: $25.00 per year

The Tin Can Tourists have a long and jovial history of fulfilling their self-described mission of being an organization committed to the appreciation of historic trailers and motor coaches through annual reunions with owners and friends.

The original group from the 1920s and 1930s started their tradition of yearly gatherings in Traverse City during the summer, and they still happen to this day. Along with rallies through out the year in other parts of the U.S.

Anyone who wants to join and camp with Tin Can Tourists is more than welcome to do so, regardless of what year rv you own. Their only goal is to spread awareness and enthusiasm for vintage rvs.

Another perk of joining, is their ability to help you buy or sell a vintage trailer with their in-house classifieds.

National Square Dancing Campers Association

Membership Price: $30.00 per year for couples, $15.00 per year for singles

For individuals who want to combine two of their favorite pastimes, camping and modern western square dancing, the NSDCA makes it possible to do so. Both married couples and singles are welcome to join. Multiple NSDCA chapters can be found in various locations across the United States.

Brand-Specific RV Clubs

Brand loyalists in the recreational vehicle community sometimes associate themselves with fan clubs dedicated to their favorite RV manufacturer. Such groups are limited to owners of a specific make or model of RV and frequently organize gatherings and rallies.

When difficulties emerge with your recreational vehicle, joining one of these groups might be helpful because problems (and their remedies) tend to be repeated within the same brand.

Some of the most popular brand-specific communities are:

  • Airstream Club
  • Newell Gurus
  • Tiffany Allegro Club
  • Winnebago International Travelers

Other Clubs and Memberships

While we listed the best of the best above, there are still so many rv clubs out there to explore. If you didn’t quite find the group you were looking for above, browse through this extensive list of other RV clubs.

  • Alfa Owners RV Clubs
  • Aliner Owners Club
  • Alpenlite Travel Club
  • Alpine Coach Association
  • America the Beautiful Pass
  • American Clipper Owners Club
  • American Coach Association
  • Apollo Motorhome Owners Club
  • Apple Valley Roamers
  • ARMCO RV Camping Club
  • Avion TravelcadeClub
  • Baby Boomer RV Club
  • Beaver Ambassadors Club
  • Born Free RV Club
  • Bounders of America
  • Bounders United
  • Campers On Mission
  • Camping Singles
  • Carriage Lifestyle Owners Club
  • Carriage Travel Club
  • Casita RV Clubs
  • Circle City Campers
  • Classic Winnebago
  • Coachman RV Owners Club
  • Color Country Ramblers
  • Colorado Chapters
  • Comfort Camping Club
  • Cortez Motorhome Group
  • Discovery Owners Association
  • Eagle Fleet RV Travel Club
  • Explorer RV Club
  • Fiberglass RV
  • Fleetwood MotorHome RV Clubs
  • Florida Pot Luck Campers
  • Forest River Owner Group
  • Foretravel Owners Club
  • Freightliner Chassis RV Club
  • Georgie Boy Owners Club
  • GMC Motor Home Clubs
  • Good Sam Roadside Assistance
  • Good Sam Sneekers
  • Gulf Streamers RV Club
  • Heartland Owners Club
  • HitchHiker’s of America
  • Holiday Rambler RV Club
  • International Camper Club
  • Jayco Jafari Travel Club
  • Keystone Campers
  • Lance Owners of America
  • Los Viajaros RV Club
  • Male Tent and Trailer Campers
  • Mandalay RV Owners Club
  • Maryland Star Crabbers
  • Millennium Sams
  • Monaco Owners Clubs
  • Montana Rovers
  • My Club Max
  • National Camping Travelers
  • National United Methodist Campers
  • Neighbor.com
  • Newell Coach Owners Association
  • Newmar Kountry Klub
  • North American Camping Club
  • North American Truck Camper Owners Association
  • Ohio Nomads
  • Pacific Trailer Club
  • R-Vision Camping Clubs
  • Roadtrek International
  • RVing Fly Fishers
  • Safari Motorcoach Club
  • Shanty Shakers of Delaware
  • Smiling Sams
  • Snowbird International Travel Club
  • Starcraft Camp Club
  • Suites Owners International Travel Club
  • Sunline Owners Club
  • SunnyBrook
  • Teton RV Club
  • The Dyrt Pro
  • The Rambling Misfits
  • The RV Advisor
  • Thunderbolts
  • Togo RV Plus
  • Trailmanor Trailblazers
  • Travel Trailer Club of the Midwest
  • Traveling Our Way
  • Traveling Supremes Independent
  • Vagabond RV Camping Club
  • Vintage Vacations
  • WIT RV Club

Which RV Club Should I Join?

For the best general rv camping benefits, we recommend looking into Good Sam Club, Escapees RV Club, and Passport America. But that doesn’t mean you should definitely choose them. Joining an rv club is a personal decision based on your individual goals and interest. While we provided as much information as we could, now its you turn to enjoy trying them out and see which one you’d like to be apart of year after year.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, every RVer can find a club that they’ll enjoy. There are RV clubs for people who share common interests, for those who have similar rv lifestyles, and for people who just live in the same region.

During these camping trips, often known as a “Rallies,” members of RV clubs can get to know one another and, hopefully, form lasting friendships over their shared love of the open road.

It is our sincerest hope that this article has shed some light on the otherwise opaque topic of RV clubs and has helped you begin your journey of joining one or multiple of these incredible communities. Because, as luck would have it, joining a camping group isn’t limited to a single choice.

Happy RVing!

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