Camco TST Max RV Holding Tank Treatment | Toilet Drop-Ins

Camco’s TST Orange Drop-Ins deodorize the black water holding tank and decomposes of any waste and tissue with ease. The ultra-concentrated mixture includes a unique chemical that facilitates waste and tissue breakdown, and it comes in a convenient drop-in form. To top it off, it has a special blend of citrus-scented surfactant oils that will keep any unpleasant odors in your tank where they belong, allowing you to relax and enjoy your camping or rv trip. The drop-ins are safe for all septic tanks, contain no formaldehyde, and are also suitable for use in RVs and boats. There are thirty pieces in each container.

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  • Eliminate odors and help break down waste in an RV holding tank
  • This blend contains a special chemical to help break down waste easily
  • Includes citrus scented surfactant oils to trap unwanted odors and leave a pleasant smell
  • Both RV and marine approved


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  • Simple to just drop on in and be done
  • Breaks up the waste as it should
  • Really effective at eliminating the unwanted smells


  • Does not break down all toilet paper