CircleCord 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV Electrical Power Dogbone

This CircleCord RV Adapter Cord is made of heavy duty materials that resist moisture, abrasion, and sunlight making it a safe bet for as your rv power cord. It features a unique design that allows for a 180 degree bend without any kinks or breaks. The ergonomic grip handles also make it easy to use, while the unique color helps keep it from getting lost in a bin full of other cords.

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  • This is an electrical adapter cord that can be used to convert 30 amp to 50 amp when powering your RVs.
  • The cord is made of copper wire and has a flame retardant, UV resistant, and water resistant jacket.
  • There are grip handles on both ends of the cord to help with plugging and unplugging.


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  • Good price
  • Simple adapter that gets the job done
  • Durable design


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