EEZTire TPMS | Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The EEZTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System is one of the best ways to keep tabs on your tires while on the go. EEZ RV Products has been an industry leader in the RV tpms space since 2005 because their high quality system can monitor tire pressure and temperature continuously for up to 26 tires. The monitor has a large display screen that shows real time pressure and temperature data. It’s alarm system is motion-activated and will send out visual and audio alerts when anything falls outside of the preset safety parameters. The monitor also goes into power saving mode if there is no movement for 15 minutes.

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  • EezTire TPMS system by EEZ RV Products is the industry leader in the RV TPMS market since 2005.
  • It accurately monitors both the tire pressure and temperature for up to 26 tires.
  • It can handle tire pressure up to 210 psi.
  • It’s advanced technology alert system sends both visual and audio warnings immediately when tire pressure or temperature falls outside the preset safety parameters.
  • Comes with separate controls for monitoring the tow vehicle and trailer so you can turn of trailer sensors when not in use.


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  • Simple install and set up process
  • High quality tpms system
  • You can set both temperature and pressure limits
  • Comes with batteries already installed
  • Easy to see screen regardless if its day or night


  • Modern electronics can interfere with the signal to your monitor