Tymate TPMS M12-3 | Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The Tymate Tire Pressure Monitoring System is designed to help keep your tires at safe pressure levels and in top condition for long drives. With five different alarm modes and user-defined settings, this system provides the perfect amount of protection against looming tire disasters. The four external sensors are easy to install and the display backlight make it easy to read the monitor regardless of the time of day. The M12-3 comes with a two-year warranty too.

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  • Tymate tire pressure monitoring system M12-3 is solar powered, but can also be charged with a usb cord.
  • There are five alarm modes for the different types of tire alerts (high pressure, low pressure, high temperature, rapid air leakage, and sensor low battery alarm).
  • The monitor features an automatic backlight adjustment to make it easy to read regardless of the time of day.
  • The product comes with a power saving mode and a switch button
  • The product is small in size and lightweight.
  • The accuracy of the product is high, with an error range of less than 3 PSI.


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  • Well built system and sensors
  • Easy to install the sensors
  • Comes with both solar charging capabilities and usb charging
  • Sits on a semi sticky dash pad that holds the reader in place while driving


  • It won’t give you s current pressure reading until the tires are moving.